David M. Gelenidze PHD.
Senior Researcher
Department of Plasma Physics
6 Tamarashvili str,
0177 Tbilisi,

Andronikashvili Institute of Physics of the
Iv.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Place: New Building, Lab. 102
Tel: +(995 32) 2 398 783
Fax: +(995 32) 2 391 494
E-Mail: davit.gelenidze@tsu.ge
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Current Citizenship:
Marital Status:
March 04, 1968
Tbilisi, Georgia
Citizen of Georgia
Scientific Degree

PHD. Georgian Technical University, 2011

Work Experience

03/1991 – 12/2000 - Main Engineer. Department of Plasma arc technologies of                             Scientific-Technical Centre of Electro-mechanics. Tbilisi, Georgia

01/2004 – 12/2012 - Researcher. Complex Mechanization Lab. Plasma sector of Mining                             Institute of Georgia

01/2006 – till now - Researcher. Centre of Electro-mechanics of Georgian Technical                             University

01/2013 – till now - Senior Researcher. Department of Plasma Physics. Andronikashvili                             Institute of Physics of Tbilisi State University

Scientific Interests

1) Plasma chemistry
2) Plasma assisted technology
3) Plasma melting
4) Power source for plasma and welding technologies

PHD Course in Georgian Technical University (2008-2011)

Graduated from Applied Mathematic Department of Tbilisi State University(1991)
Participation in Researche Grants Project

1) Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. (Georgia)
    SRNSF AR/201/ 3-200/13. 19.08.2014-19.08.2016

2) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Global Initiatives for Proliferation
    Prevention(GIPP). Program and The Science and Technology Center In Ukraine
    (STCU), Project # P-549. (BNL-T2-0393). 01.12.2012-01.03.2015

2) U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF).
    Project # BPPN09/06. 03.05. 03.05.2005-03.05.2006


Published 15 Scientific papers and 5 Patents
რჩეული შრომები
Selected Publications
A.Prangishvili, Z. Gasitashvili, G.Gogia, D. Gelenidze, M. Gelenidze, G. Gelenidze
"Production of fuel from sewage water"
Journal “Energy” # 1 (73), Tbilisi, 2015

A.Prangishvili, Z. Gasitashvili, G.Gogia, D. Gelenidze, at al.
"Fuel from MSW and water"
Journal “Energy” # 1 (73), Tbilisi, 2015

A.Prangishvili, Z. Gasitashvili, M. Gelenidze,G. Gogia, D. Gelenidze,
"The New types of plasma furnaces"
Journal “Energy” # 2 (58), Tbilisi, 2011, pp. 12-17

D. Gelenidze, Z. Bakhtadze, Ts. Sichinava
"Development of plasma generator with laminar plasma flow, designed for surface treatment of building materials"
"Mining Journal",#1(26), Tbilisi, 2011, pp. 83-87

D. Gelenidze,
"The analysis of possibilities of plasma technologies application in mining"
"Mining Journal",#2(25), Tbilisi, 2010, pp. 51-54

D. Gelenidze, Ts. Sitchinava., G. Gogia
"Method to receive of powerful plasma-jet"
Journal “Energy” # 2 (50), p.1, Tbilisi, 2009, pp. 55-59

Z. Batkhadze,D. Gelenidze, at al.
"Research of character of loss of thermal capacity of plasma through walls of the water cooled cylindrical anode in
plasmatron indirect action."
Journal “Energy” # 1 (45), Tbilisi, 2008, pp. 32-38


1. "Water accumulation and storage rule". Georgian patent. GE P 2013 5797 B;
2. "Method of reception of superpower plasma formation". Georgian patent. GE P 2010 4945 B;
3. "Method of reception of powerful plasma jet". Georgian patent. GE P 2010 4948 B;
4. "Method of transmission of electrical energy". Georgian patent. GE P 2010 4944 B;
5. "The method of Acceleration of plasma torch". Georgian patent. GE P 2008 4350 B;